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Timeline™ Utility Audit

Axiom’s Timeline™ Utility Audit is a comprehensive, review of past, present and future utility costs and usage.

Instead of just checking the bills that are produced by suppliers, we also review the charges that sit behind those bills. Axiom identifies instances where suppliers have calculated charges based on incorrect costs; charges relating to the complex, interdependent network of fees for all the parties involved in the exacting journey from power-station to plug and from beach to boiler.

Beyond reviewing charges Axiom recreates suppliers' invoices from published, component elements to produce independent billing reference points. Comparisons against these reference points enables Axiom to identify billing inconsistencies, anomalies and errors that would otherwise be missed in the review. The recreation of the suppliers' invoices also includes wholesale energy purchases to ensure that a fully delivered cost calculation is obtained. 

Axiom will advise on optimising future utility costs and usage, and on areas for potential refunds on past expenditure. Benefits acheived from acting on Axiom’s advice are shared with Axiom to fund the service and the implementation of the optimisations. There are no upfront charges for the service and no fees at all unless the service produces quantifiable savings.

Purchase+Plus™ Energy Procurement

Axiom’s Purchase+Plus™ electricity and gas purchasing service provides access to wholesale purchasing, low management charges and transparent invoicing from trusted, established suppliers.

Purchase+Plus™ is not limited to large supplies. Uniquely, Purchase+Plus™ is available to small supplies, providing for the first time, access to purchasing solution previously reserved for the largest organisations, democratising access to the best products.

Axiom’s procurement specialists excel at negotiating contract terms and ensuring that your business gets the best possible deal. We look at your energy needs, the associated value at risk and your future objectives and make recommendations on which procurement model suits you best.

Once we have your agreement to proceed and your strategy is in place, we take the strain, updating you along the way and providing you with the information you need to make key decisions at each stage. We’ll also share frequent reports on price positions for total assurance around the performance of your strategy.

Enhanced Utility Bureau Service

As reporting experts, we have helped many organisations with management and reporting of their energy data, from proactively managing consumption to retrospectively checking billing accuracy.

The aim of Axiom's bureau service is to put in place a comprehensive, proactive and innovative desktop solution to utility management.

Axiom achieve this through expanding the "usual" role of the utility bureau so that responsibility for data capture, processing and validation integrates with improved reporting across cost, consumption and carbon.

In addition, the enhanced bureau will coordinate and manage the client's partners (suppliers, metering companies, building management providers and consultants) to improve the efficiency of delivery of services, the management reporting and to implement and manage innovative short, medium and long-term strategies and investments to reduce costs, usage and carbon emissions on an ongoing basis.

Demand Management Services

Axiom’s Demand Management services will help to identify & maximise the opportunities that are available and which are best suited to your organisation. Using energy more effectively can have a big impact on your bottom line.

TRIAD Alert Service 

National Grid identifies three Triads each year in order to calculate the Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) charges an organisation will incur. Such transmission costs can be reduced if demand is decreased when a Triad Alert is expected. Our Triad Alerts service helps clients plan their electricity usage around these dates in order to lower their energy bills.

Fully Funded Solar

Axiom have unique access to a fully funded solar scheme, whereby the client can have solar panels installed and maintained at no cost.  The client then agrees to purchase the energy generated by the panels from the installer.  This significantly reduces cost by cutting out the energy supply chain, and gives the client access to sustainable, green energy without a large outlay of capital.