Purchase+Plus™ Energy Procurement

Axiom’s Purchase+Plus™ electricity and gas purchasing service provides access to wholesale purchasing, low management charges and transparent invoicing from trusted, established suppliers.

Purchase+Plus™ is not limited to large supplies. Uniquely, Purchase+Plus™ is available to small supplies, providing for the first time, access to purchasing solution previously reserved for the largest organisations, democratising access to the best products.

Axiom’s procurement specialists excel at negotiating contract terms and ensuring that your business gets the best possible deal. We look at your energy needs, the associated value at risk and your future objectives and make recommendations on which procurement model suits you best.

Once we have your agreement to proceed and your strategy is in place, we take the strain, updating you along the way and providing you with the information you need to make key decisions at each stage. We’ll also share frequent reports on price positions for total assurance around the performance of your strategy.