Timeline™ Utility Audit

Axiom’s Timeline™ Utility Audit is a comprehensive, review of past, present and future utility costs and usage.

Instead of just checking the bills that are produced by suppliers, we also review the charges that sit behind those bills. Axiom identifies instances where suppliers have calculated charges based on incorrect costs; charges relating to the complex, interdependent network of fees for all the parties involved in the exacting journey from power-station to plug and from beach to boiler.

Beyond reviewing charges Axiom recreates suppliers' invoices from published, component elements to produce independent billing reference points. Comparisons against these reference points enables Axiom to identify billing inconsistencies, anomalies and errors that would otherwise be missed in the review. The recreation of the suppliers' invoices also includes wholesale energy purchases to ensure that a fully delivered cost calculation is obtained. 

Axiom will advise on optimising future utility costs and usage, and on areas for potential refunds on past expenditure. Benefits acheived from acting on Axiom’s advice are shared with Axiom to fund the service and the implementation of the optimisations. There are no upfront charges for the service and no fees at all unless the service produces quantifiable savings.