Demand Management Services

Axiom’s Demand Management services will help to identify & maximise the opportunities that are available and which are best suited to your organisation. Using energy more effectively can have a big impact on your bottom line.

TRIAD Alert Service 

National Grid identifies three Triads each year in order to calculate the Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) charges an organisation will incur. Such transmission costs can be reduced if demand is decreased when a Triad Alert is expected. Our Triad Alerts service helps clients plan their electricity usage around these dates in order to lower their energy bills.

Fully Funded Solar

Axiom have unique access to a fully funded solar scheme, whereby the client can have solar panels installed and maintained at no cost.  The client then agrees to purchase the energy generated by the panels from the installer.  This significantly reduces cost by cutting out the energy supply chain, and gives the client access to sustainable, green energy without a large outlay of capital.