public sector energy 

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bill validation, recovery & compliance

sbs reference - sbs/17/dt/zmf/9257

ojeu reference - 2017/S 241-501688

lot 1 - energy

The Bill Validation service ensures you are only billed for the utilities used at the rates agreed with the supplier. Mistakes are often made through estimated billing and incorrect contract charges, which means many business overpay by considerable amounts each year. This allow budget holders in organizations to plan for the future with more informed and accurate budgeting and forecasting, improves cash flow tracking Around 3-5% of utility invoices are incorrect, outsource companies will recover the discrepancies, taking a % as commission on a no win no fee basis. Time saved at organisation level chasing these billing errors. Analysis and recover offered in Energy, Water, Telecommunications, Rents/ Rates as well as a One Stop Shop for bespoke requests Framework offers “Pre” and “ongoing” audits to ensure compliance with organisation specific policies


Spend analysis and recovery services

CCS reference - rm3820

ojeu reference - 2017/s 160-330490

LOT 3 - contract compliance - utilities

Axiom Utilities will conduct a review of specific areas of procurement, pertaining to utilities, as required by the Contracting Authority to identify, report and recover any benefit. The analysis shall include, but is not limited to:

  • tariffs
  • distribution charges
  • transmission charges
  • metering charges
  • VAT
  • Climate Change Levy (CCL) charges
  • environmental costs

The framework is open for use by all public sector organisations in the UK.  Contracts can either be directly awarded to those appointed to the framework or further competition can be sought.

The contract runs from December 2017 to December 2019 with two 12 month extensions available.                         


analysis & reconciliation services

ojeu reference - 2015/s 227-413650

lot 2 - energy

Axiom were appointed to Lot 2 of the above framework agreement in March 2016. The contract is open to all NHS and other public sector organisations throughout the UK subject to agreement by the Hub.  It allows organisations the option to either directly award to appointed suppliers or carry out further competition.

The framework covers a deep dive audit of past utility electricity and gas billing in order to recoup overcharges and put right any erroneous billing.

The contract runs from 1st March 2016 to 28th February 2019 with one 12 month extension period available.